/// Outsourcing To Us build a partnership for success

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From 25/10/2017 openDYNAMIX is no longer servicing clients. We recommend using cocoonfxmedia Ltd digital design, development and marketing services.

openDYNAMIX expert developers provide high quality, tested and standards compliant work for it's outsource clients

We understand that sometimes the skills required to deliver a project simply don’t exist in-house or the people that have the required skills aren’t always available when you need them.

At openDYNAMIX we are always happy to undertake work on behalf of media agencies, web designers and other web developers.

/// Why outsource to us?

Over the years we have built up relationships with a number of agencies, helping them to deliver successful projects for their clients.

/// The Team

We have more than 30 years of experience and we maintain a high level of transparency amongst all those involved on a project. This ensures that clients are provided with a ‘finished article’ that not only has an agreed level of functionality, but also draws the correct audiences, and is provided on time and tested before going live.

/// Experience & Knowledge

Having provided services to a range of organisations from Corporate, Retail, Public Sector, and Non Profit organisations, we have a broad grasp of online marketing and what is required of us by our clients. We have previously been involved on hundreds of projects from single landing pages to multi-language portal projects.

/// Communication

We like to have a clear path of regular communication with the people that we work with. By maintaining transparency and regular contact, we ensure that we are able to maintain our relationships. In turn this enables us to provide you with deliverables that work and are met within the desired time-scales.

/// Responsiveness

In the fluid world of online business, technology is always changing, as a result online promoters need to keep a finger on the digital pulse. We're also able to respond rapidly to request at short notice and delivery quickly.

/// Rates

We are able to quote for work based on hourly/daily rates as well as provide fixed costs for individual projects based on the deliverables required. We guarantee our rates will provide you with a cost-effective solution for your needs.

/// How we work with our clients?

Our team is flexible enough to mirror the way you work, ensuring that working with us disrupts your business as little as possible.

These are the typical stages we work through to deliver a project for our media agency clients:

/// Briefing

Typically you’ll provide us with a briefing, including a requirements specification, designs and any other files for the project. We’ll use this to generate a quote for your project. When you’re ready to start we’ll arrange a ‘kick off’ meeting either face to face, online or over the phone to finalise the project deliverables, delivery timeline and the final cost.

/// Design

We design site layouts and user journeys that are engaging and intuitive. Your brief ensures that we are able to fully adhere to the desired outcomes and closely maintain any existing or preferred brand image/style with regards to Graphic Design. So, from the outset we can create an online presence that meets all your and your clients goals.

/// Development

We’re proficient with CMS tools such as; Wordpress, Joomla, Opencart, Drupal, Magento and others. Any code we produce is done so using best practices. Server side code is well laid out and commented to ensure maintainability over the long-term.

/// Testing

Our Quality Assurance is robust. In order to maintain our stringent Quality Assurance we will typically provide the ‘nearly finished’ deliverable back to the designer who in turn will ensure the project delivers on the client’s expectations set by their creative.

/// Support

All our work is guaranteed for 3 months, any reported bugs in this period will be rectified free of charge. Our team can help you with making changes to your web project going forward. We’re also able to help you make fixed and changes to your other websites.

/// Hosting

We offer low contention hosting services, with servers in UK data centres. The service is robust and well tested with existing clients. Our support team is focused on quality assurance and customer project delivery. Our web hosting is unlimited and is offered alongside our secure hosting for Facebook content.

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