/// Vauxhall Cars HTML E-Mail Campaigns

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  • Vauxhall associate partners countdown EDM
  • Vauxhall retailer - Excite range
  • Vauxhall free assistance
  • Vauxhall partners family tree
  • Vauxhall partners voucher
  • Vauxhall retail - four day sale

Bespoke CMS driven EDM

Vauxhall use their own bespoke CMS (Content Management System), for email broadcast. These emails were built to Campaign Monitor specifications and tested using the Campaign Monitor design testing tool.

We then adapted them to use the bespoke CMS tags that allow Vauxhall dealers to customise emails that they are sending to their prospective customers.

/// Project Details

  • Client: McCann Digital Birmingham
  • Brand: Vauxhall Cars
  • Project: HTML eMail Campaigns

Gareth helped McCann Digital Birmingham deliver this project for their client and they retain full ownership of the creative and content.

/// Project features

  • Cross client tested
  • HTML & inline CSS

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