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  • Persimmon Property EDM
  • Persimmon Property EDM
  • Persimmon Property EDM

Volume eMail Build

eMails for Persimmon homes were built en-mass and supplied for sending to a number of different broadcast suppliers, including ‘Right Move’ and Digital Property Group.

The sheer volume of email templates that had to be built each week over a period of several months was simply staggering and presented unique challenges for the small team that delivered thousands of HTML emails over the life of the project. All done to the same high quality build standard to ensure maximum compatibility with the numerous email clients that are commonly in use today.

This long term project is a testament to the effectiveness of HTML email campaigns, particularly where businesses are faced with tight financial constraints.

/// Project Details

  • Client: McCann Digital Birmingham
  • Brand: Persimmon Homes
  • Project: HTML eMail Campaigns

Gareth helped McCann Digital Birmingham deliver this project for their client and they retain full ownership of the creative and content.

/// Project features

  • Cross client tested
  • HTML & inline CSS

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