/// Cotesbach Educational Trust Audio Plays Microsite

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Engaging Multimedia Content

The Cotesbach Estate commissioned 5 playwrights to produce a short radio play each based around the artifacts that they found in the Estate’s archive. The Estate commissioned a microsite to publish the content to public.

The site combines mp3, documents and photos to provide an interactive experience that allows users to explore some of the contents of the Cotesbach estate archive.

The microsite makes uses of CSS3 animations and effects as well as the HTML5 player functionality.

/// Project Details

  • Client: Word Association
  • Brand: Cotesbach Educational Trust
  • Project: Audio Play Microsite

Our team helped Word Association deliver this project for their client and they retain full ownership of the creative and content.

/// Project features

    Fully Responsive UI
  • Embedded font
  • Embedded MP3
  • HTML5
  • jQuery Plugins

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